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PowerUI is the first whole-process and cross-platform development kit and supports interface design and development under all mainstream operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and so on. It supports all mainstream programming languages: C++, VB, C#, Java, Objective-C and so on. Different from QT, PowerUI offers powerful interface controls and interface special effects. Users can use any familiar programming language for development.


PowerUI Designer (Interface Design Tool)

PowerUI Designer is an interface visualization development tool, providing rich interface controls and appearance themes of interface controls. Through dragging users can rapidly complete the designing and establishing work of the interface.

界面设计工具 界面设计工具

PowerUI SDK (Software Development Library)

PowerUI SDK is an interface running support library, which can be used to enable the interface edited and created by us to run under different operating systems.

PowerUI Control Creator(控件开发工具)

PowerUI Control Creator (Control Development Tool)

PowerUI Control Creator employs the approach of visualized control development. The control's logic is written in JavaScript, which reduces the language learning curve.

PowerUI Control Test Tool (Control Test Tool)

PowerUI Control Test Tool does a comprehensive running test for the developed control, ensuring the completeness, stability, and reliability of the control.

PowerUI PS Builder(控件/窗体创意设计工具) PowerUI PS Builder(控件/窗体创意设计工具) PowerUI PS Builder(控件/窗体创意设计工具)

PowerUI PS Builder (Control/ Window Innovation Design Tool)

PowerUI PS Builder is an auxiliary editing tool plugin for Photoshop, doing innovative style design for the controls on the interface, and providing rich innovation resource for PowerUI Designer control innovation library.